Riverside Manufacturing closing some operations in Moultrie

According to Riverside President and CEO Lisa V. Zeanah, this is expected to affect 140 employees. / Rheya Spigner

Riverside Manufacturing Company has announced that they will be closing their cutting, sewing and warehousing operations located in Moultrie starting in April.

According to Riverside President and CEO Lisa V. Zeanah, this is expected to affect 140 employees.

All functions including senior management, customer service, website design, product development, supply chain management, marketing, accounting and QC laboratory testing will continue at the headquarters in Moultrie according to Zeanah.

Zeanah also released the following statement:

"We worked diligently for many months to secure new contracts that required "Made in USA" garments. However, a recent volume reduction in our largest federal government uniform program made the costs of domestic production unsustainable. We have decided to close our remaining domestic production facilities and move this volume to our established contractor partners. We value the dedication and long term commitment our employees have shown over the years, but at present we have exhausted our options to keep Riverside employees sewing garments in the USA. While this decision was difficult, we feel that consolidating our production into fewer facilities will improve our ability to manage our supply chain and will position Riverside for solid growth for many years to come. We hope that the community will support the affected employees as they transition into other work. We are coordinating with our local department of labor to provide appropriate assistance."

The people of Moultrie have discouraging remarks about the closing.

Moultrie resident BJ Nevels said, "The people laid off are going to struggle... It's just a mess."

Another resident, Alan Dale, says it's going to impact the community and jobs and Mark Galphin says it was a landmark and will impact the community as a whole.

All three had a primary concern for job loss, and how it will economically affect their city.
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