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      Riverquarium begins to surface

      The Flint Riverquarium has been, for lack of a better word, underwater for some time. Tuesday there was one message being given out.

      The Riverquarium is here to stay, it's an important investment that the tax payers of Georgia have committed to here, and we can't see it shut down here in Albany, said Chief Operating Officer, Tommy Gregors.

      With a continual shrinking budget that task has been anything but easy, but with the help of local businesses--things are looking-up.

      The leadership of the organization has a good plan, and the business community has bought into it. So that means I hope the audience that we hope to reach with future requests will also buy into it, said TM50 for Albany TM Chairman, Faison Middleton

      ~The 50 for Albany TM plan will be a big player in that goal, as local businesses band together to bring financial stability to what have been choppy waters.

      It's going to provide financial support to shore up the budget gap for the next two years, so that the new plan and mission the Riverquarium board has adopted, can be implemented and we can put the Riverquarium on the path to success, said Middleton

      Another major player in the Riverquarium's future are school groups from around the area, and making it more than just a day looking at wildlife.

      This is not just a field trip, or a fun trip that they go on. This is an education experience, that helps them, in improving their CRTC scores, and their graduation rates inside their systems, said Gregors.

      Gregors and the entire Riverquarium board say for the first time in a while there's optimism around the building, and that with support and attention to detail the Riverquarium can be a major player in the ~Good Life City. TM

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