Risk and reward comes with rain

Rainy weather means traffic fines, and crashes if you aren't careful. / Matt Prichard

Speeding down Slappey Blvd might seem like a time-saver, that is until blue lights flash in your rearview mirror. And each violation holds a different fine, that can easily break the bank.

"The smallest amount people pay is generally for a seatbelt violation, normally $15 dollars. On misdemeanor charges the maximum fine is $1,000 dollars per traffic violation," said Albany Municipal Court, Chief Judge Willie Weaver.

And with rain forecasted throughout this week, Judge Weaver says police can be a bit more quick to hand you a ticket.

"Yes it does increase, but most of the time it's collisions that increase based on the way people drive," said Judge Weaver.

But for businesses that make their living on crashes, to increase profits ....just add water.

"We probably see a 25% to 35% percent increase in wreck traffic as far as incidents on the highway and rain incurred situations," said A1 Wrecker Service Manager, Robert Gilliam.

And wreckers aren't the only ones winning, body shops are the next ones in line to reap the benefits.

"If it's just an afternoon shower, people are a bit more cautious, but typically when we do see two or three days of rain our business does pick up," said Charlie's Paint and Body, shop manager, Gary Mays.

Don't get them wrong though- they aren't asking for injury, just watch your speed and stay alert at the wheel.

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