Rising water a concern at a local apartment complex

Water damage seen here inside lighting fixture of Andre Nicholson's apartment / Ashley Knight

Tenants at a local apartment complex feel their water issues are being ignored by landlords.

Standing water in the bathroom, bedroom and living room--Andre Nicholson at Glenwood Manor Apartments says it's been building up for two months--he even moved out of his bedroom and onto the couch. And this isn't the first time.

"They have done little to nothing. They come and they stop the water in one place, it starts in another place, I call them, they get tired of hearing me call them and they just don't respond," says Nicholson.

Code enforcement checked it out and the problem is being taken care of. We called Higher Altitude Georgia Properties, LLC who bought the complex only two years ago.

"We are disheartened by the accusations that were presented; we do know that we're working every day to make it a better place," says a representative with Higher Altitude Georgia Properties, LLC.

According to officials with the company, they have spent half a million dollars on improvements in the last year and a half. They also say many times they'll install new features only to have them destroyed or stolen.

"Our greatest goal is to make Glenwood Manor a place where people feel safe, people enjoy living and we're going to strive every day to bring it back to that level," says the representative.

Hoping to make it as great as it was when it was first built.