Ring around the moon lights up Monday night

Colder weather played a big part in last night's lunar ring around the moon. / From file

In our Facebook Story of the Day you wanted to know what was going on with the moon last night.

Well besides Jupiter being visible next to it, the moon also had a halo around it.

FOX 31 Chief Meteorologist, Mike Morrison says a combination of cold weather, and some light from the sun is the reason for the extra glow.

"Couple things were different about the moon last night, we had that 22 degree halo around the moon much of the evening, this is from the light from the moon shining through a thin layer of cirrus, the ice in the cirrus cloud reflects and refracts the light, giving us the halo around the moon," said Morrison.

Morrison also says this phenomenon is fairly common this time of year, especially with the cold temperatures.

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