Right to bear arms movement growing in Lee County

Greg Frich speaks to Redbone community members. / Jessica Fairley

Lee County Commission newcomer Greg Frich held a community meeting Monday night at the Philema Road Baptist Church to give Redbone residents a chance to voice their concerns about their district.

The meeting went three hours long, starting at 6:00 PM with a dinner and wrapping up at 9:00 PM.

As county leaders addressed the crowd, members of the public were eager to voice their concerns, one of which was the possibility of losing their right to bear arms.

Community members also wanted to hear Frich's stance on gun control.

The new leader says it's unconstitutional to take away one's right to bear arms.

"Our founding fathers were very clear on what the 2nd Amendment means. There's a lot of reinterpretation that folks are doing these days but ultimately the 2nd Amendment is about arming the citizens of the United States to insure that we don't have a tyrannical government. Governments tend to become tyrannical and I pray to God that will never happen in this country," said Greg Frich, Lee County Commissioner.

Local officials will band with the 4-H Club in Lee County Saturday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM to discuss their right to bear arms. The rally will be held at the 4-H practice field on Jordan Road.

Other concerns brought up during the meeting included illegal fireworks and road paving.

Frich says he believes the people in his district ultimately want to know that the official who is representing them are on their side and working for their good.

The commissioner plans to hold a community meeting once a quarter during 2013.

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