Riggins found not guilty in school lunch trial

Velvet Riggins at her trial in Dougherty County / File

Closing arguments began Friday morning in the fifth day of the Velvet Riggins trial.

Defense attorney Mark Brimberry led closing arguments and told jurors "don't guess with people's freedom".

After Brimberry finished his argument, the court took a recess and is waiting for the prosecutors to begin their closing arguments.

Once the state rested it's case, Judge Stephen Goss has turned the case over to the jury.

After deliberations and the return of the jury, Riggins was found not guilty on all three counts.

Once outside the courtroom, Riggins credited god for getting her though the past few months, and spoke about the out purring of support.

"I've had Facebook requests, texts, I mean the love and prayers in Dougherty County have been tremendous," said Riggins.

Now Riggins is looking forward to getting back to work.

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