Rifle season is officially open

Rifle season opened Saturday morning. / Sean Streicher

Rifle hunting season officially opened Saturday.

Over 1 million acres of public land is open to hunters using fire arms, and that includes over 100 state-operated wildlife management areas.

Before you take to the woods be sure to remember these important safety tips.

"Well number one is you always gotta know what you're going to shoot and make sure you know your surroundings, make sure you know the trajectory of the bullet if it goes through the deer or whichever animal you shoot. Make sure you always wear your orange vest, never climb with a loaded gun", said Bryan Bruner from Backwoods Outdoors.

It's also important to make sure someone knows where you're hunting, so that if something should happen to you someone will be able to find you.

Rifle season ends in south Georgia January 15th.

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