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      Rick Springfield to perform in Georgia

      Legendary rocker Rick Springfield gave advice last week to American Idol finalist and Leesburg TMs own Phillip Phillips.

      A man who knows what it was like to be thrust into the spotlight at a young age, his song ~Jesse TMs Girl TM hit the top of the charts in 1981 and he TMs been entertaining fans for the past three decades.

      I TMve liked Rick since I was 12 years old and I TMm 42 now and I TMve been coming to concerts since 1998, says Annamarie Baker, a fan from Clearwater, Florida.

      But what makes fans keep coming back for more?

      Probably because he's so hot to look at! He's funny, he smiles a lot when he's on stage and he has a cute little smile and everybody loves it! says Cindy Simonelli from Palm Bay, Florida.

      I think it's his kindness and his ability to touch others with his words, his eyes, his vibes, it's really cool, adds Baker.

      But if you go to a Rick Springfield concert expecting a night full of pop ditties--you'll be surprised. This man rocks heavier and harder than entertainers half his age|and he performs like an entertainer half his age.

      I get energy from the audience, really, is where I get my energy, it's why I love playing because I can feel that energy. There's nothing like it, Says Rick Springfield.

      Springfield is also unique because, unlike other rockers who take a little time to sign an autograph or two, he tries to make a connection with every fan.

      Everyone keeps themselves in a box and he gives himself up and just really made it amazing for all the fans, says Baker.

      An award winning documentary just premiered in the U.S. focusing on that connection, even showing some of Rick TMs more devoted fans. Fans also feel connection through his lyrics, which he says are always about truth.

      You write from what you need to write about. I've tried to write songs that I think other people want to hear, but to me they don't come out as truthful, says Springfield.

      Many of them reflecting his turbulent relationship with faith.

      A lot of my songs are actually as much about a spiritual search as it is about a one-on-one love relationship. Every album has a spiritually searching song in it because I ain't there yet!

      But his fans sure think he's as perfect as a saint!

      When he does [the song] ~Human Touch TM, he comes out into the audience and he walks around and he touches everybody"and everybody needs Rick TMs human touch! says Simonelli.

      Visit to learn more about concert dates including his June 8th concert in Evans, Georgia. Check out to learn more about the documentary, Affair of the Heart.