Rhema Word uses song to inspire youth

Rhema Word International Ministries will host a free concert Friday night at Veteran's Park in Albany

It's hard not to feel the love at Rhema Word International Ministries' Sunday service, and that's why this Friday the church will host 'Taking it to the Streets,' a free concert targeting youth at Veterans Park Amphitheater.

"Why not take a powerful gospel message, a God message, wrap it in music, put a little flavor to it that kids like and they say, 'Wow! God's not boring. Jesus is not boring. Church is not boring. I might want to go to that. I might want to be a part of that,'" Bishop Victor Powell, Rhema Word Pastor.

Through the concert the church is trying to reach youth who need any kind of help or guidance and bring them closer to God. In light of recent gang-related activity throughout the summer, Gabriel Powell's band, 'Gabriel and New Priest,' will try and help at-risk youth learn about God at Friday's concert â" mixing hip hop, R&B, and a positive message.

"We want to say to our children that there is another option, that you can find peace, purpose, and power for your life," Powell said.

The concert will start Friday at 7 p.m. at the Veteran's Park Amphitheater near the Albany Civic Center.