Rezoned students set back registration

Parents of rezoned students are warned to register now. / WFXL

School systems all across southwest Georgia are reminding parents and guardians that any child that got rezoned or moved has to register their kid at the new school.

So far in Dougherty County, leaders say less than half of parents have registered for the upcoming term and not very many of those who have registered are parents of students who have been rezoned.

This lack of registration could cause a problem on the first day of class.

As a friendly reminder, school administrators urge everyone to get their child registered. Parents have until next Wednesday to get this done.

"Parents can call their old school or visit the suspected new zone school. Every school now has the software available to type in the street addresses of students and receive where they're zoned," said R.D. Harter, Dougherty County School System Publicist.

After the registration period closes, parents will have a chance to tour their child's school. Open house will be held in the Dougherty County School System next Thursday.

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