Returning rain brings road closures and hazards

      Holly Road has been closed at the Moultrie Road section. / Sean Streicher

      Check back frequently for updates. Newly added roads will be in italics.

      Baker County:
      Mimsville Road
      Bell Pond Road
      Tenille Road
      Oscar Jordan Road
      Tucker Lane
      Red Rhodes Road
      Lester Road
      Sheffield Road
      Tom Sheffield Road
      Lachey Road

      Berrien County:
      Berrien County Sheriff Anthony Heath says that a few dirt roads are closed around the county, but no highways yet.

      Coffee County:
      Jack Vicks Road
      Elam Harper Road
      Moss Street
      Peachtree Road
      Hickory Nut Road
      Chester Meeks Road

      Colquitt County:
      Jim Sharp Rd at wooden bridge
      Old SR 33 Road
      Patch Road
      Bay Pole school Road
      Paul Murphy Road between tree farm and Kendall woods
      Paul Murphy @ bridge
      Bob simms Road
      Skipper Road
      Indian Creek SBDV
      Vickers Bridge Road
      Larry Dunn Road (Washed out)
      Myron Hart Road
      Jim Clark Road
      Clark Road between Ellis May Road and Ben Baker Road
      Sangster Road between Ruby's Road and Old Adel Road
      Lonnie Brookard Road at the 90 degree curve
      James Weaver Road
      Willingham Road from the bridges to Lloyd Road

      Crisp County:
      Officials confirm that there are multiple roads closed across the county.

      Dougherty County:
      Honeysuckle Drive
      Holly Drive at Moultrie Road

      Irwin County:
      Officials confirm that a few non-main dirt roads are closed at this time.

      Lee County
      Turkey Farm Road
      Scott Road

      Miller County:
      Dutch Cook Road
      Lloyd Road
      Kirkland Road
      Old Donaldsonville rd from 91 to Drew Floyd Road
      Lott Road
      Union Church Road
      Old Albany Road from MLK to Phillips St.
      Clevland Road from Harmony Church to Keaton
      East Sheffield Road
      Chapman Road
      Cox Road
      Harmony Church Road
      Glass Road
      North Early County Line Road is partially closed from Roberts Road to Harmony Church Road
      Bush Road is partially closed from Enterprise Road to Highway 91S

      Mitchell County:
      Schley Rd from Holton Rd to Saxton Rd
      MLK Rd at Alligator Lane to just south of River Rd
      Brest Station Rd from last concrete bridge to Blackwell Rd
      Wade Rd Mt. Olive Rd and Hwy 65
      Cool Springs Rd at the last house from Hwy 93 to Greenough Rd
      River Rd from Hwy 311 and Pine Cliff Rd
      Sassafras Tea Rd from Hwy 97 to Pine Cliff Rd
      Pine Hill Rd from Brest Station Rd to 1st house

      Tift County: (No roads have been reopened)
      From 1214- 1288 Jacob Hall Road
      Johnson Lane from Brighton rd to 145 Johnson lane
      Babe Hall Road between Lower Brookfield Road and Highway 25
      Highway 41 S and Dock Mountain Senior Drive
      The intersection of Chestnut and E. 6th Street
      The main entrance of Cypress Ridge Subdivision has been closed but the back gate is open.
      Highway 41 S is closed from Oakridge Road to El Dorado Road
      Sutton Circle is closed to thru traffic at Fletcher

      Turner County:
      Daphina Road
      Leon Williams- South Part off Denham Road
      Robert Davis- from Russell Smith Road to the 1700 Robert Davis Road
      Kendrick Road- from Live Oak Road to 2121 Kendrick Road
      Alberson Road- from North Access Road to Obe Williams Road
      Wells Road- from Denham to Purcell Road
      Forshee Road- past the intersection with Parten Road
      Scott Road- from Legg Road to 1300 Scott Road
      Shepherd Road
      Honeysuckle Road

      Worth County
      Jerry Young Rd between Brown Rd and Turner Rd
      Massey Airport Rd between York Rd and Hwy 112
      Whittington Rd between Hartsfield Rd and Tift County Line
      Porters Corner Rd (Dirt Portion)
      Old Mail Rd from Hwy dirt portion to 450 Old Mail Rd
      Meadowview Lane
      Thomas Rd from Deer Valley Rd to Porters Corner Rd
      Pearson Rd from Duran Dr to Drain Pipes
      Hamilton Hill Rd from Cuffie Town Rd to Jodie Hobby Rd
      EW Booth Rd between NJ Brooks Rd and Shotgun Rd
      Bluegill Dr
      Brantley Rd

      Public Works Director John Merritt has advised that the other roads that were on the list are now passable. However, they still need allot of work and drivers should use caution on the roadways until they can get the roads in better shape. Some roadways still have water over the roads also, please avoid these areas as the roadways may be undermined and could collapse under the weight of a vehicle.