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      Retreat at Lake Blackshear target of early morning robbery


      The Crisp County Sheriff's Office has released a surveillance photo of the two men involved in the Retreat at Lake Blackshear robbery and needs your help identifying them.

      If you have any information about either of the men pictured, contact the Crisp County Sheriff's Office at 229-276-2600.

      ORIGINAL STORY:The Crisp County Sheriff's Office is on the lookout for two men after an early Tuesday robbery at the Retreat at Lake Blackshear.It happened a little after 1:00 a.m. Tuesday. Managers at the Lake Blackshear Resort reported that two black men ran in the front door of the hotel, jumped the counter and stole less than $200 out of the register. They also attacked the desk clerk as she was hiding behind the counter. The two were unarmed and ran out after taking the money.

      One was wearing a blue hoodie with a logo on the front of it, the other was in shorts, dark shirt. The one with shorts and a dark shirt had kind of a stocking over his head, says Linda Hawkins, a controller with Lake Blackshear.The Crisp County Sheriff's Office is looking over surveillance footage. Officials with the hotel say this has never happened before, but they will be implementing tighter security as a result.