Restaurant Report: November 25, 2013

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health , any score below 70 is considered unsanitary. / Kerri Copello

Health inspectors are keeping a close eye out for hygiene violations - things like handling food and drinks properly and correct hand washing procedures. If these violations are allowed to go on without being corrected, customers could possibly get sick.

Lowest Scores:

Steak N Shake, 4429 Old Union Rd., Tifton - Grade: 72

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, any score below 70 is considered unsanitary.

During the inspection, the health inspector docked points due to raw ground sausage being stored incorrectly in the walk-in cooler.

Equipment in the prep area and shake area had encrusted material on food contact surfaces.

Cheese and tomatoes were discarded after not being held at the correct temperature.

Onions were thrown away after improper hot holding procedures were followed.

Neither salsa nor the noodles were cooled properly. An uncovered shallow pan or ice bath is supposed to be used when cooling potentially hazardous food items in the walk-in cooler.

While at Steak N Shake, the inspector also noted that grease and food debris build-up was found on the cooking equipment.

Top Scores:
Local restaurants obtained a perfect grade this week; several others were graded in the 90s.

Dairy Queen, 210 W. 7th St., Tifton - Grade: 100 Little Red Dog House, 821 W. Broad Ave., Albany - Grade: 100 The House of Jazz, 726 W. Highland Ave., Albany - Grade: 100 Carter's Fried Chicken, 255 Cedric St., Leesburg - Grade: 100 J E Country Restaurant, 232 Walnut Ave., Leesburg - Grade: 100 YO-asis, 1707 16th Ave., Cordele - Grade: 100 A Bag to Go, 408 W. Franklin St., Sylvester - Grade: 100 McDonald's, 460 Roundtree Dr., Dawson - Grade: 100 Carter's Fried Chicken, 288 North Main St., Dawson - Grade: 99 Buffalo Wild Wings, 2822 Nottingham Way, Albany - Grade: 99 Jimmie's Hot Dogs, 204 S. Jackson St., Albany - Grade: 99 Break Time Pub & Billiards, 2809 Palmyra Rd., Albany - Grade: 97 Hardees, 1729 1st Ave. SE, Moultrie - Grade: 96 Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1723 E. Oglethorpe Blvd., Albany - Grade: 96 Ole Times County Buffet, 1208 S. Madison Ave., Douglas - Grade: 96 Pizza Hut, 188 Ocilla Hwy., Fitzgerald - Grade: 96 Layne's Mexican Grill, 113 S. Hutchinson Ave., Adel - Grade: 96 Peking House, 907 S. Peterson Ave., Douglas - Grade: 95 McDonald's, 143 Ocilla Highway, Fitzgerald - Grade: 95 Tokyo Express Japanese Steakhouse & Seafood Restaurant, 1308 S. Madison Ave., Douglas - Grade: 92 Debbie's Main Street Restaurant, 196 E. Broad St., Camilla - Grade: 91 Chili's, 2821 Ledo Rd., Albany - Grade: 91 Dairy Queen, 2401 Dawson Rd., Albany - Grade: 90 Pat's Place, 533 E. Washington Ave., Ashburn - Grade: 90 Dunbar's Grill & Soulfood, 1104 W. Gordon Ave., Albany - Grade: 90 Bayou's, 411 Philema Rd., Albany - Grade: 90 Popeye's, 515 N. Irwin Ave., Ocilla - Grade: 89 Hibachi Express, 2818 Old Dawson Rd., Albany - Grade: 88 Hardees, 699 Forrester Dr., Dawson - Grade: 88 Popeye's, 1401 S. Slappey Blvd., Albany - Grade: 85 Uncle Major's Kuntry Kooking Carry Out, 2216 Palmyra Rd., Albany - Grade: 85 El Leon Mexican Restaurant, 15576 Highland Ave., Arlington - Grade: 77 Steak N Shake, 4429 Old Union Rd., Tifton - Grade: 72
Restaurants are inspected every six months, but if you see a potential violation let your county health department know about it.

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