Restaurant Report: March 24, 2014

El Agave Mexican Restaurant in Fitzgerald. / Kerri Copello

Health inspectors are keeping a close eye out for hygiene violations - things like handling food and drinks properly and correct hand washing procedures. If these violations are allowed to go on without being corrected, customers could possibly get sick.

Lowest Scores:

El Agave Mexican Restaurant, 116 Benjamin H. Hill Dr., Fitzgerald - Grade: 72

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, any score below 70 is considered unsanitary.

During the inspection, the health inspector docked points for an employee working the cash register and phone, then immediately fixing chips without washing hands. Employees shall wash hands upon changing tasks.

An employee grabbed chips without wearing gloves. No bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods is allowed.

Raw chicken was stored above peppers, onions and salsa in the walk-in cooler.

Cold food items were held at a temperature greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. All of the items were thrown away. The cooler needs to be fixed so it can maintain an internal temperature where foods will stay cold.

Lastly, El Agave Mexican Restaurant was cited for the ice scoop being stored with its' handle in contact with the ice.

Top Scores:

Local restaurants obtained a perfect grade this week; several others were graded in the 90s.

  • Burger King, 2007 East Oglethorpe Blvd., Albany - Grade: 100
  • Parker's Chicken, 212 S. Main St., Sylvester - Grade: 100
  • Domino's Pizza, 421 Love Ave., Tifton - Grade: 100
  • Country Style Cafe and Buffet, 790 Patten Ave., Ray City - Grade: 100
  • Ray's Mill Pond Cafe, 875 Ray's Mill Pond Rd., Ray City - Grade: 100
  • Douglas Snow Biz, 110 E. Cherry St., Douglas - Grade: 100
  • Ellianos, 502 S. Peterson Ave., Douglas - Grade: 100
  • Domino's Pizza, 607 S. Grant St., Fitzgerald - Grade: 100
  • DJ's Steak & Seafood, 5561 Broxton-Fitzgerald Hwy., Ambrose - Grade: 99
  • Zaxby's, 507 Veterans Pkwy., Moultrie - Grade: 98
  • Waffle House, 706 W. 7th St., Tifton - Grade: 96
  • Uncle Danny's, 1991 Mora Baptist Church Rd., Willacoochee - Grade: 94
  • New China Buffet, 1805 N. Tift Ave., Tifton - Grade: 93
  • Riverfront Bar-B-Q and Catfish House, 1533 Highway 19 S., Leesburg - Grade: 92
  • Logan's Roadhouse, 910 W. 7th St., Tifton - Grade: 89
  • Captain D's, 255 Ocilla Hwy., Fitzgerald - Grade: 87
  • Three Crazy Bakers, 102 S. Main St., Moultrie - Grade: 86
  • Saigon Kitchen, 724 W. 2nd St., Tifton - Grade: 83
  • El Agave Mexican Restaurant, 116 Benjamin H. Hill Dr., Fitzgerald - Grade: 72

Restaurants are inspected every six months, but if you see a potential violation let your county health department know about it.

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