Restaurant Report: July 1, 2013

Photo Credit: MGN

Health inspectors are keeping a close eye out for hygiene violations - things like handling food and drinks properly and correct hand washing procedures.

If these violations are allowed to go on without being corrected, customers could possibly get sick.

Lowest Score:

Peck's Place, 101 S. Irwin Avenue, Ocilla - Grade: 71

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, any score below 70 is considered unsanitary.

During the inspection, the health inspector found that there was no certified food manager in the restaurant.

Raw animal products were observed over ready-to-eat foods. The correction was made on-site.

Old food was found on the slicer. Employees were instructed to break down the slicer and other equipment used and thoroughly wash, rinse and sanitize before using it again.

Finally, Peck's Place was cited for not having a copy of their last inspection report posted.

Top Scores:

A few local restaurants obtained a perfect grade this week, and several others were graded in the 90s.

  • Barry's Deli, 102 Hall Avenue, Nashville - Grade: 100
  • Our Daily Bread, 118 S. Main St., Fitzgerald - Grade: 100
  • Nabila's Garden Restaurant, INC, 201 S. Main St., Fitzgerald - Grade: 100
  • Carter's Fried Chicken, 1055 S. Main St., Ashburn - Grade: 100
  • Burger King #9531, 2805 North Slappey, Albany - Grade:100
  • La Puerto Del Sol, 704 Tifton Rd., Nashville - Grade: 95
  • Wayne's Bar-B-Q and Seafood, 8965 GA Hwy 55, Leary - Grade: 95

Restaurants are inspected every six months, but if you see a potential violation let your county health department know about it.