Restaurant Report: August 26, 2013

Photo Credit: MGN Online

Health inspectors are keeping a close eye out for hygiene violations - things like handling food and drinks properly and correct hand washing procedures. If these violations are allowed to go on without being corrected, customers could possibly get sick.

Lowest Scores:

Market Cafe, 206 South St., Nashville - Grade: 80

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, any score below 70 is considered unsanitary.

During the inspection, the health inspector docked points for the Food Service Manager not being certified after ninety days of being open. The owner was made aware that she needs to be certified and provide the completed course certificate to the health department.

A worker was seen handing ready-to-eat salad with bare hands when glove or utensil use is required. Salads were discarded and the employee was notified that gloves or untensils must be used.

No soap was available in the prep area sink. Soap was replaced at the sink, correcting this violation on site.

Lastly, Market Cafe was cited for untensils not properly being stored.

Kountry Korner, 8125 Albany Highway, Sasser - Grade: 81

Here the health inspector observed that hot dogs were being held at an improper temperature.

The restrooms were missing paper towels and the proper handwashing sign.

There was no running water at the kitchen sink and the final violation was for the walls and floors being dirty.

Golden Corral, 2524 Archwood Dr., Albany - Grade: 86
Here the health inspector took off points for the food not being held at the proper temperature.

Wiping cloths were not stored in sanitizer.

Equipment and utensils were not dried properly.

Golden Corral was also cited for having dirty floors and walls.

Top Scores:

A few local restaurants obtained a perfect grade this week, and several others were graded in the 90s.

Little Whiskey River, 2900 Sylvester Rd., Albany - Grade: 100 Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, 2701 Dawson Rd., Albany - Grade: 100 The China House, 602 W. Fourth St., Adel - Grade: 100 Brookfield Diner, 2504 U.S. Hwy 82 E., Tifton - Grade: 100 Firehouse Subs, 909 W. 8th St., Tifton - Grade: 99

Riverfront Bar-B-Q Mobile #2, 105 W. Broad Ave., Albany - Grade: 96 Applejax, 1303 E. Broad Ave., Albany - Grade: 94 Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2727 Dawson Rd., Albany - Grade: 94 K & D Subs, 43 S. College Street, Nashville - Grade: 91 International House of Pancakes, 125 Cartmel Rd., Albany - Grade: 91 Riverfront #2 Bar-B-Q and Catfish House, 1533 Hwy 19 S., Leesburg - Grade: 87 San Joe's, 2401 Dawson Rd., Albany - Grade: 87 Golden Corral, 2524 Archwood Dr., Albany - Grade: 86 Kountry Korner, 8125 Albany Highway, Sasser - Grade: 81 Market Cafe, 206 South St., Nashville - Grade: 80 Restaurants are inspected every six months, but if you see a potential violation let your county health department know about it.

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