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      Residents sound off on Saggy Pants

      Albany city commissioners passed the controversial saggy pants ordinance Tuesday night.

      Now residents who are wearing pants three inches below the hips when skin or underwear is exposed could face a fine.

      The ordinance was the talk of the town Wednesday.

      You don't want to walk around seeing anybody's butt hanging out in the street, said George Battle.

      They should dress how they want to dress. It's a style if they want to wear their pants down they should be able to feel free too, said Damious Knighton.

      Parents work hard. They go to work every day, they buy their kids clothes. They don't want to see their child out here in the streets, pants sagging and everything, said Carlos Ward.

      There are bigger problems than to worry about what people are wearing and stuff. You have people that can't get a job and have nowhere to stay, Jaron McCray.

      First-time offenders will get hit with a $25 fine a second offense could cost you up to $200.