Residents react to late night fire

Residents react to the late night fire that sent them into the cold on Wednesday morning. / Melanie Kendall

Few Albany Heights residents will forget March 27th, when the entire building was evacuated after a couch was set on fire.

"We've never had arson like this. It's only been going on the last three maybe four months," said Albany Heights resident, Donald Hubbell.

Residents were taken to the Albany Civic Center to avoid the cold, and although it was a tough night fire officials say everything is back on track.

"Well as of right now all the occupants have been allowed back into their individual apartments, so hopefully everything is where it needs to be," said Albany Fire Chief, James Carswell.

But getting back to normal may not be so easy.

"A lot of people are scared, a lot of people want to move, it's just ridiculous," said Hubbell.

Others though say they weren't surprised by the late night wake-up call.

"I aspect that. We've been having a lot of trouble in this building, so anything can happen at any time," said Albany Heights resident, Rudy Strawder.

Residents also point out this isn't the first time they've seen blatant arson, and aren't expecting it to be the last.