Residents in outskirts of Lee County get first rain

Marks Melon Patch. / Jessica Fairley

One wouldn't have to look hard to find remnants of the rain in Albany. Trees are down and city workers are out restoring loss power from Saturday night's storm. Although Albany has had a downpour, folks in the outer parts of Lee County say they've been waiting for a taste.

"We were in east Albany yesterday and a gentleman over there said that it had rained all day and I got so excited. When I got home, I pulled into the driveway, it was so dry. So I was so disappointed," said Lee County homeowner Lydia Rensch.

Lydia Rensch and her family lives on farmland in the outskirts of the city. She says except for a few sprinkles, it's been dry. Like Rensch, farmer Reuben Schroeder, says he's been missing the rain.

"I've been down here since 1978. This is probably the hottest driest spring and summer that I've witnessed since I've been down here," said farmer Reuben Schroeder.

Both say the rain couldn't have come soon enough.

"This morning I had faith that God was going to send us some rain and he did," said Lydia Rensch.

Although the rain left behind broken branches and damaged trees, the folks at Marks Melon Patch say it's still a blessing.

"Any rain is a blessing. Just let the rain keep on coming," said Schroeder.

He says with one day of rain he's picked up over two inches.