Residents claim neighbor's fence violates City code

Ramon Fajaro replaced part of his chain link fence with chicken wire in his front yard, which neighbors say should be against City code

It's against City code to have a chain link fence in your front yard, but it doesn't say anything about chicken wire.

And that's what folks in the Woodbridge subdivision want to change. Larry McLeod, along with Bill Lucas and his family live next door to RamÃn Fajardo who installed a chain link fence in his front yard last October. Code Enforcement told him he was violating code, so he took it down and replaced it with chicken wire and a cattle gate over his driveway. Lucas says Fajardo is still in violation of the code because he has not taken down all of the chain link fence in his front yard. Mike Tilson with Code Enforcement says they wanted to wait until the City Commission made a final decision on whether or not to amend the ordinance before they took further action. Meanwhile, Lucas says the fence is lowering the property value of every home in the neighborhood.

"We've talked to a realtor and it'll make an impact on the resale of homes that'll affect us," says Lucas.

City commissioners agreed to ban chicken wire and hog wire, however Fajardo will not have to remove his chicken wire fencing because it was installed before the official vote.