Residents arm themselves as property crime goes up

Everything from handguns, rifles and even knives were on sale

A gun show at the Hasan Shrine Temple wrapped up this weekend in Albany. Dozens of vendors sold to hundreds of people.

Everything from handguns, rifles and even knives were on sale.

"People are coming in to buy guns and they want to see the latest stuff," said organizer Randall McGinnis. "Some people are bringing in their guns from home to trade and sometimes sell."

While there was a typical gun crowd there were also first time buyers.

"A lot of homeowners are coming in, many of them husband and wife, and they will come in together and they will select a gun for home defense and they may be purchasing it for the first time," said McGinnis.

"Just to have it I guess," said gun shopper Heather DiLeonardo. "Hopefully you never have to use it, but you never know. I'd rather be safe than sorry."

The Tennessee Valley Sportsmen host these gun shows in Albany about every three months.

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