Residential area no home for livestock

Cows on a farm in Lee County, Georgia.

As the cost of meat and poultry rise, people are wondering if it's best to keep their own livestock in their backyard.

For Thursday TMs Facebook story of the day, people asked if the law allows such animals in residential areas.

Under Dougherty County TMs Planning and Zoning Ordinance Section 1.25 it explains no livestock shall be kept or maintained in any residential district.

Officials say livestock requires certain accommodations that are restricted.

When it comes to horses the rules change. They are allowed in the county.

You have to have a minimum of five acres and your fence has to be located so far from the next property line and from an adjoining structure, says Rozanne Braswell, Senior Planner for Dougherty County TMs Planning and Development Services.

Domestic animals are allowed as long as they aren't kept for commercial breeding purposes.