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      Representatives plan to publicly toss out those who litter

      Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul, Albany Police Chief John Proctor and several other representatives met on Tuesday morning to declare a war against littering as part of phase two of the Mayor's Call to Service.To decrease littering and blight in our area, Mayor Hubbard says they're now demanding a higher level of accountability of citizens who litter.When caught, those who litter will face a hefty fine that must be paid in person during a court appearance, which could also include a mandatory community service sentence.After receiving a littering citation, a person's name and photo will be sent to local media representatives, who will also receive the information about community service sentences.Mayor Hubbard says by holding people who litter much more accountable, representatives are hoping to cut back on the amount of trash that is scattered throughout our parks, streets and highways.As the city and county become more clean, officials say it could increase tourism, cut down on attracting crime and more.To continue the war against litter, the team will hold another event on Saturday, October 5th at 9 a.m. in the Law Enforcement Center on East Oglethorpe Boulevard to explain more about phase two and also pass out awards to those who have helped get the Mayor's Call to Service to where it is.