Renters blast landlord over living conditions

An Albany apartment manager is accused of letting the homes of some of her tenants go to shambles.

An Albany apartment manager is accused of letting the homes of some of her tenants go to shambles.

"When it actually rains, water comes in through the roof and that's when the peeling starts and the mold starts to grow," said Windover tenant Rodney Pruitt.

Pruitt and his three children have lived at Windover Apartments in Albany since January and since that time it has been problem after problem.

"There is no insulation up there so the apartment starts to heat up in the heat of the day so around 2 o'clock it's very hot so we have to go actually around the corner to my mom's house," said Pruitt.

He is not alone. Two other tenants say they are having a tough time getting anyone to permanently fix anything in their units.

Etta Terry says termites are eating out the wood right outside her apartment but no one has come to swap out the wood panels.

"They would be swarming toward our door and when we first noticed it I told my roommate to go get the raid. I said go get the raid, go get something to spray on these things," said Terry.

"You know seeping over here to the stove to where it will start an electrical fire my mom has seen sparks come from the stove because of the water," said Stephen Wright who is dealing with a leaking air conditioner unit. Now he says he is afraid to cook in his own kitchen.

The apartment manager says it's just a couple of bad apples, with personal vendettas.

"She cursed me out because I did not put a handicap parking where she wanted so her idea of revenge is calling Code Enforcement calling FOX News," said Mary Bennett. "It's just like a baby if he wants his bottle and you don't give it to him he begins to cry."

There are people who have lived here and say management is prompt and that they have never had a problem.

"Very cooperative. It's like the lady with the air conditioner. I run it all the time. Next day they came and fixed it I don't have no problems," said Donald miller who has lived there for 11 months.

If you are having landlord problems there are resources you can check with city code enforcement by clicking here.