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      Rent payments stolen at Westover Place Apartments

      Dougherty County Police need your help finding out what happened to checks and money orders that disappeared at Westover Place Apartments.Officers say that in January, an office employee at the apartment complex noticed that several money orders and checks were missing from the overnight deposit box.In total, the amount of missing money totaled over $6,000.Authorities say that there are no signs of forced entry on the box and believe that it could be an inside job, but there are numerous other possibilities.To the best of DCP's knowledge, the checks haven't been cashed, but several money orders have been cashed, but don't know by who.Names were altered on the order and officers do not know where the money orders were cashed.At this time, there are no suspects or arrest. If you have information on the thefts, you are encouraged to contact the Dougherty County Police Department at (229) 430-6600 or if you prefer to provide information anonymously, you may call "Crime Stoppers by dialing (229) 436-TIPS.

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