Remembering Lance Corporal Steve Sutton

Lance Corporal Steve Sutton's funeral was held Wednesday in Leesburg, GA / Matt Prichard

For the last several weeks, the Southwest Georgia community has been looking for any way to remember Lance Corporal Steve Sutton, and on Wednesday, that moment arrived.

With the private funeral for Sutton being held in Leesburg, the family requested that the community line the procession route and honor their fallen loved one. Hundreds turned out with flags and signs, with hands over their hearts as the family and hearse passed by.

The emotional scene continued to the cemetery where a group of Sutton's closest friends and family awaited his burial. With bagpipes playing, and a 21 gun salute, they lowered Lance Corporal Steven Sutton to rest in peace at Crown Hill cemetery.

Businesses closed, citizens left work early, and an entire community lined the streets to honor this fallen hero. A man that gave his life for our freedom, so that we could live each day to the fullest in the United States of America. FOX 31 salutes Lance Corporal Sutton, you are a true hero, and we thank you for your service and sacrifice.

For more images of the procession, visit the FOX 31 Facebook page.

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