Religious freedom celebrated by Atheists

The Albany Georgia Atheists grill at Chehaw for Memorial Day / Colby Gallagher

The Albany Georgia Atheists, a new group that started in January, met Sunday afternoon at the Parks at Chehaw for a Memorial Day barbeque.

The group, which has about 30 members, was created to give those who consider themselves Atheist a place to find people with similar beliefs in a social setting and build a support network.

Members feel there is a stigma against Atheists but want people to know they are just trying to be who they are without persecution.

"The bottom line is that we're moral people too. We pay taxes, we own businesses, we have a sense of right and wrong and it's not that different than anybody else's," said AGA Spokesman, James Gillham.

Many of the members feel they have to remain anonymous or they will be judged but hope to be able to coexist in the future.

To find out more about AGA visit their Facebook page at!/groups/albanygeorgiaatheists/ or visit their website at .