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      Redwood Court fire believe to have started on the stove

      The Albany Fire Department is warning residents to keep an eye on the stove when cooking. They believe an Thursday afternoon fire may have started from a pot on the stove.

      When firefighters arrived to the 2500 block of Redwood Court inside the Stuart Apartment complex, they found heavy flames and smoke coming from the home.

      After completing a search and rescue procedure, firefighters began extinguishing the flames.

      Officials found heavy fire damage in the kitchen area and heavy smoke damage throughout the rest of the home.

      No one was home when the fire started but there were animals trapped in a neighbors apartment.

      In another apartment, number three, there was a dog and a cat. The occupant of number three got the dog out early and after we got things secured we were looking for the cat the owner came in and the cat came to him, says Keith Ambrose, Albany Fire Department Battalion Chief.

      Officials say no one was injured in the fire.