Redistricting committee meets, selects plan

The Joint County and Education System Redistricting Committee meets to discuss redistricting. / Mike Manzoni

The Joint County and Education System Redistricting Committee met this morning at Government Center where they selected a plan to redraw Dougherty County and its school lines. But they still need input from the public.

"We adopted the plan with slightly a few changes that we will present to the public in the form of three public meetings," said James Bush, the committee chairman. "We met with her [the redistricting consultant] about a week or two weeks ago, and she's come to us with what we asked her to come back with."

The committee will present the plan to the public at three meetings. They will hold meetings at the police precincts on Dawson Road and East Oglethorpe Boulevard. Another meeting will be held at Monroe Comprehensive High School.

"We have to have equal numbers or close to equal numbers in each of the six districts," Bush said. "We will look at all of the data and information that we received vis-Ã -vis the public, and we will ultimately vote to send that plan â" to take it over to the county commissioners, and to the school board members to vote it up or down."

The committee will meet again July 7 to discuss and finalize the selected plan.

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