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      Reddick bucks teaching students lessons

      Reddick Bucks, these are worth more than gold if you TMre a student at JT Reddick Middle School.

      Those bucks are a part of a district and state-wide initiative called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. It TMs a program that gives students positive feedback when they do something right instead of just punishment for doing something wrong.

      Debra Woods, the district program coordinator, told FOX 31, Reactive is after the fact, they TMve already engaged in the behavior. With PBIS we actually teach them the acceptable behaviors. As part of the program each school develops lesson plans based on their expectations.

      Principal Jamie Penoncello says it TMs already working, our students are being more thoughtful. They TMre really being more considerate and they TMre trying to do the right thing.

      School officials recommend that parents re-enforce this type of response at home, I think that TMs going to make it more solidified when they come to our schools. If they know the expectations at home and they can gain rewards and just know to do the right thing all the time.

      Teachers and administrators hit the ground running with this new program right after Christmas break.