Recycled numbers

This weeks' Go Green, we show you how one local elementary school is helping out the environment.

With Earth Day approaching people in the community are taking time to help make our world greener. One way is through recycling old phonebooks. Local schools are competing to see who can collect the most.

This competition lasts about a month. Elementary schools across Dougherty County collect phonebooks with one two goals in mind. One is that they are making a school-wide stride to recycle. The second goal is to win the grand prize. Each year McDonalds will award the school who collects the most phonebooks $500. The school in second place is awarded $300 from the Darci Foundation. The schools are calculated based on how many books per student are collected.

Judy Bowles, executive director of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful, says that "It is wonderful that our young people take part in events like this. We have to teach them at an early age that they have to recycle and take care of our world and environment." Not only are the children involved, parents also play a huge part in the success of this program.

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