Recycle: what and where?

Recycling is something that more people around the world should be doing to preserve the planet. More and more recycling places are popping up across the country.

'Recycle Albany' is a project of the city of Albany and Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful. Each one of us can make a difference, and now it's made convenient for everyone to just drop off their recycling in order to better protect our community and the environment. Currently there are three locations to drop off your recycling.

In West Albany, recycling can be dropped off at 2521 Meredyth Dr. In downtown Albany, there is a drop-off location behind the civic center at the intersection of Front St. and Mercer Ave. And in East Albany the drop-off location is located at the Thomton Community Center located at 210 Thomton Dr.

So, what can be recycled? Every location in Albany will accept aluminum cans, paperboard, cardboard, glass, office paper, Ni-Cd batteries, magazines, newspapers and plastic. Please make sure to rinse out all containers and remove all lids on the glass and plastic bottles and to break down the cardboard boxes before dropping off these materials.

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