Recovery in the forecast for Worth County

Worth County begins to recover after heavy rains drowned 41 roads. / From file

Worth County officials are beginning the recovery process after major rain affected the area this past week, but will be running into issues with resources running low.

"Our local resources have all been exhausted. We've had major damage, from multiple rains, an event that we couldn't do anything about we just had to sit and wait till it was over with," said Worth County 911's, Thomas Whittington.

As crews from Worth County Fire and Public Works begin assessing the damage, one thing is for sure, extra resources will be needed. Chairman of the Worth County Commission, Mike Cosby, released this statement, saying: "We have sent a local declaration to Governor Nathan Deal in hopes that more resources can be added to make this process move even quicker."

Tom Whittington adds that anything the state can provide will definitely be needed.

"We need the state's help in getting help from the DOT, gravel roads, crush and run, fill dirt, to get these roads back to where the public can use them again," said Whittington.

One single reminder is emphasized to those living in Worth County, stay safe and stay dry.

"The thing we want to emphasize to the public is safety on our dirt roads. Which we have almost 300 miles of dirt roads in this county," said Whittington.

It's not all serious business for Whittington though, he says for those that have been asking for it, Mother Nature definitely delivered.

"Lotta people have been praying for rain, and those prayers have been answered," said Whittington.

And officials will be praying for that help from the state, with the majority of their 2012-2013 Public Work budget exhausted.

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