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      Reckless driving may have to do with the weather

      According to officials with Georgia State Patrol reckless driving could have something to do with the weather.

      Sergeant Dana Harnage says reckless driving usually involves distraction, speeding and drinking. Harnage says even the little distractions like changing the air conditioning and the radio station can affect your driving. One of the biggest problems on the road, however, is when people decide to drink and drive. Harnage says he notices more reckless driving in one season than the other.

      Harnage said, summer months it seems like to me usually produces more D.U.I TMs because there are a lot more people riding in the warm winter months than the cold weather months. Which he says is probably because people are venturing out more to lakes and beaches during the summer, decide to drink there, and then drive. He continues to say at the end of the day people don TMt realize they will get caught.

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