Recent swimming pool deaths lead to liability concerns

Children take swimming lessons at the YMCA swimming pool.

Two swimming pool related deaths in Albany recently have people around the area reviewing swimming pool safety and homeowners liability.

The 7 year-old boy who drowned Monday night reportedly scaled a privacy wall with his brother to cool off in a neighbors swimming pool. The boy wandered into the deep end of the pool and didn't know how to swim. According to State Farm Agent Tim Thomas the owner of the house can be liable in a case like this.

"Most people on their swimming pool we recommend they get at least $1,000,000 liability to cover themselves. We also recommend you have things like a self latching gate or locking gate to prevent people from going into the pool and you have to have a fence around your pool," said Thomas, "It protects you as a homeowner in case somebody does get injured because you're almost automatically considered to be at fault."

According to Lifeguard Naomi Johnson, the unfortunate occurrence spotlights a much bigger issue, that many kids don't know how to swim. She says that kids should learn how to swim as soon as possible and keep on learning and becoming stronger swimmers, even until they can be lifeguards themselves.

Johnson was particularly moved by the death of the young child.

"Me and the lifeguards were talking about it yesterday morning, how it hurts to know these kids jumped the fence and drowned because they were where they weren't supposed to be, and we could have been there," she said.