Recent rain affecting holiday desserts?

Pecans at the Georgia Pecan Company. / Jessica Fairley

It's been a rainy year for farmers and reports show it's affecting the cost of pecans.

Many around the U.S. and in foreign nations are finding that the price of the nut is rising.

"The crop is probably going to be from one third to a little more short because of all the rain and the scab and different problems that we've had this year," said Scott Craft, Farmer and Vice President of the Georgia Pecan Company.

Although Scott Craft's crop had some damage he and his partner say that's not what's driving up store prices.

"Most of the people that have brought from us in the past say that their warehouses and their cold storages are full and until they exhaust those resources they're not going to buy anymore new nuts," said Janice Craft, President and CEO of the Georgia Pecan Company.

The Georgia Pecan Company usually sells nuts to china and other foreign markets but now they're not biting.

"What we're finding is that we're going to shell out nuts and chop them up and sale them to a domestic market," said Janice Craft.

Janice Craft says while reports say pecan prices are rising, she's hasn't seen much of a difference.

"I did go into Wal-Mart and I noticed that they did have the prices from last year this year," said Janice Craft.

Although foreign consumers may have to pay a higher price, for locals there's a perk to living in the pecan capital of the world.

"You can buy the Georgia grown products local different sellers and that makes it a lot nicer," said Janice Craft.

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