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      Recalled Toyota crashes into Lee County salon

      A woman says her car accelerated on its own and drove into a Lee County hair salon. The car is one of the recalled Toyota Camrys.

      Lee County Sheriff TMs deputies say Glenda Whitfield was pulling up to ACT III when her 2007 Toyota Camry reportedly accelerated on its own Tuesday morning and drove through the salon. Salon Owne Gail Moree says Whitfield was holding down the brake and the car accelerated anyway. Toyota recalled certain 2007 Camrys due to possible sticking accelerators.

      Toyota of Albany Owner Alan Murphy says Whitfield brought her car into their office and they did the recall work - fixing the potential problem. Murphy says Toyota engineers will come to Albany in the next few days to examine the car TMs computer.

      It will be able to go in there and read exactly what happened to the vehicle, whether she put her foot on the gas or the break, who TMs responsible or what the fault is, Murphy said.

      Murphy says this is the first report of a possible sticking accelerator at the Albany dealership. He says they TMve worked on 800 recalled Toyotas.

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