Rains cause deep threat for swimmers

A couple fishing at Cox Landing. / Jessica Fairley

Southwest Georgia has seen rain almost every day for the last few weeks.

Water levels in our creeks are starting to drop, but don't be so quick to take a swim.

Emergency management officials say although the water may look calm on the surface there could be strong currents underneath.

If you do use the creeks and the rivers, just be aware of your environment and have an exit plan in case of emergency.

"Anytime that the water is up, you're disturbing wildlife and you may very well have a problem with snakes or those types of things," said Albany/Dougherty Emergency Management Director Jim Vaught, "So just once again be aware, have a good time, plan what you're going to do and be prepared."

Jim Vaught says the Flint River, Kinchafoonee, and Muckalee Creeks are all well below flood level.

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