Rain puts a dent in practice plans

High school football teams in Southwest Georgia have to deal with the weather, too.

Westover and Deerfield-Windsor practiced inside their gyms on Wednesday afternoon as they continue to prepare for padded practices and, eventually, the season.

Deerfield-Windsor wore shoulder pads and will start regular practices on Monday. Westover can wear pads on Thursday for the first time this season.

As the teams continue the march to Fridays in the fall, both coaches saw benefits in practicing indoors.

"In here, it's probably more mental," Westover Head Coach Octavia Jones said. "We get to do more walkthrough stuff and slow down and take our time and make sure the guys understand execution."

Still, every football player is eager to play on the green grass and hit someone.

"We gotta start lining up and teeing off on each other a little bit and find out who likes contact and who doesn't," Deerfield-Windsor Head Coach Allen Lowe said.