Radium Springs residents remember 94' Flood

Radium Springs residents meet. / Jessica Fairley

July will mark the 20th anniversary of the Flood of 1994.

Tuesday night, Radium Springs residents gathered to remember the devastation.

Tropical Storm Alberto poured 20 plus inches of rain into Americus and its natural course was to travel to Albany.

An estimated 1700 roads and 600 bridges were closed throughout the state and thousands of homes were flooded.

"My daughters husband came by and said you're going home with us and it's a good thing because I had three feet in my house," said Jean Day, Radium Springs Resident.

Day was just one of many homeowners in the area caught off guard.

"It's something you see on TV or you read about in the paper. It's not anything that happens to you. So you don't think it's going to get as bad as it got," said Judy Bowles, with Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful.

After the water began to recede, that's when the work began. Thousands of volunteers flocked to the city to help.

July 6th will mark the exact date that the waters began to rise here in Albany.