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      Radium Gardens triple the normal level after recent rain

      After the past week's rainfall, the lower half of the Radium Gardens is completely underwater at almost triple the level it's supposed to be according to Dougherty County Public Works.Only months ago the springs were completely dry, but now the water is about to crest at 22 feet. DCPW Parks and Gardens Coordinator Thomas Bruce says the usual depth of the Radium Springs is right at 8 or 9 feet.DCPW Assistant Director Chuck Mathis says the $1,000,000 of SPLOST funds put into creating the park isn't at risk because it was specifically designed to withstand this kind of weather.Officials say for now, the gardens will remain closed while the potentially dangerously high water recedes throughout the next week. Once it gets down to normal levels, DCPW workers will go in to assess the damage, which they say will mostly consist of drowned plants, grass and dirty walkways. Workers say they'll have to power wash the dirt out of the area, replant the damaged greenery and get it back to looking beautiful so residents can enjoy it again.Mathis says the damage will be covered through the general maintenance funds and once it's all cleaned, the gardens will reopen to the public.

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