Radar shows funding for GSP

Lee County GSP troopers will now have up-to-date radar in their units, thanks to the Lee County Board of Commissioners. / From file

New radars are headed into Georgia State Patrol units, thanks to a motion passed by the Lee County Board of Commissioners.

The board voted unanimously to enhance the radar systems inside two Lee County based, Georgia State Patrol vehicles. The hope is that it will aid GSP in patrolling the county.

However members had one concern before voting, adding a memo to the motion to make sure that equipment stays in Lee County.

"Some previous troopers had, the reason there was two cars that had antiquated equipment was because troopers had left the area with modern equipment, as they were transferred. We just want to make sure that the people of Lee County's donation is staying in Lee County," said Lee County Board of Commissioners Chairman, Rick Muggridge.

Each one of the new radars will cost $3,000 dollars each, and Muggridge says that money will be coming out of the commissioners portion of the county budget.

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