Rachel's Challenge comes to Albany schools

Rachel Scott believed she would touch the lives of millions / Ashley Knight

Rachel Scott was the first victim of the attack on Columbine high school in 1999 when two students opened fire on their fellow students and school staff, killing 15 people.

In order to combat bullying, Rachel's brother, Craig Scott, is in Albany this week talking to local students, urging them to take Rachel's Challenge which includes: looking for the best in others, dreaming big, choosing positive influences, speaking with kindness and starting your own chain reaction.

Scott says his sister believed in compassion.

"She had faith that she could make a difference just from the small little things that she did, it started a chain reaction that's now affecting a lot of students and students are really picking up her message of kindness and compassion, realizing how important it is, how you treat one another and it says a lot about who you are," says Scott.

He was at Westover High School Monday morning.

Scott will talk with the community at the Hilton Garden Inn Tuesday night at 6 p.m. and at Byne Baptist Church Thursday at 7 p.m.