Race helps bring in millions of dollars for Albany

Albany Marathon 2013 / Courtney Highfield

The 7th annual Albany Marathon kicked off bright and early Saturday morning.

Officials estimate around 1500 runners participated in the race, and those runners were from all over the country.

This race is ranked as one of the top Boston qualifiers in the country with almost 20% of all marathon finishers qualifying. It's also known as one of the nation's fastest marathons.

Rashelle Beasley, with the Albany Convention and Visitor's bureau, said the race, Mardi Gras, and the other events taking place in downtown Albany are expected to bring in around $2 million in revenue. Beasley said this race brings people to the city and by those people staying in the hotels, eating in the restaurants, and spending their money here, they are giving Albany an economic boost.

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