Quick thinking 10-year-old saves mom and family

Jennifer Romero's son Jared and daughter. / Sean Streicher

A quick thinking 10-year-old saved his mom and family after their car began to roll on Easter.

Jennifer Romero's family was eating Easter dinner with her mother in Albany and was heading back to Camilla, when she stopped to add a fuel additive to her vehicle.

Romero cranked her engine to get the additive circulating when the car began to roll.

She fell and the car ran over her leg with her son, daughter and niece still in the vehicle.

Her 10-year-old son Jared jumped over the seat and hit the brake with his hand to stop the vehicle from further injuring his mom and rolling into oncoming traffic.

After the car stopped, the niece ran into a nearby Flash Foods to get help.

Romero was taken to Phoebe Putney for the injuries she sustained to her leg.

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