Quality service but no breakfast at Tiffany's

Tiffany's Salon on Gillionville Road. / Jessica Fairley

In spite of a struggling economy, one local business owner is moving forward with her vision to open up a new salon.

A grand opening ceremony was held tonight at Tiffany's Salon on Gillionville Road.

Tiffany Black, the owner of the salon, says she aims to provide a high end quality experience at family-friendly prices.

Hairstylists on board are offering service to those with natural and processed hair and there will also be facials provided by experts.

Black says although we're in a slow economy, the community has pulled together in support.

"Normally around the summer time people believe that the business is somewhat slow but what I've experienced here is that the community has been very supportive. People have all been coming together, not only to help develop the business but also in supporting the business as well," says Tiffany Black, business owner.

Black credits her pastor for giving the prophecy that her salon would be a success and she says by stepping out on faith, her dream of business ownership has come true.