Quail Unlimited close their doors

In a statement released Friday afternoon, Quail Unlimited President Bill Bowles has announced the closing of Quail Unlimited.
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First Update (2/1/13 5:55 PM)
Quail Unlimited President Bill Bowles has issued a secondary statement regarding the closure of Quail Unlimited:

The news of Quail Unlimited ceasing operations is correct. The name "Quail Unlimited "is gone. The people will remain, including myself, and we will continue the conservation efforts for quail and youth. The Annual Celebrity Conservation Hunt Event will remain in Albany. This event has been managed by Quail Albany. Quail Albany is completely and legally separate from Quail Unlimited. The local hunt committee of Quail Albany has worked tirelessly to protect this event for our community. This past event set a record attendance. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next Celebrity Conservation Hunt Event. We also look forward to sharing the complete story on Monday February 4, 2013. This will be good news !!

Initial Story
In a statement released Friday afternoon, Quail Unlimited President Bill Bowles has announced the closing of Quail Unlimited:

As we began to pick up the pieces of Quail Unlimited 2 1/2 years ago, and tried to determine exactly what condition QU was in, we quickly realized that this was not going to be easy. As caring and determined members, we stood together and we overcame one obstacle after another, after another. This has been a valiant effort by everyone and we should all be proud. I would personally like to thank every member for your support. Our great staff and our great Board of Directors have stood the test and they have given their very best effort. However, the entire Board of Directors and I have made the difficult decision to cease Quail Unlimited operations and go out of business effective immediately.

I have a saying which is really a philosophy that I have shared with my staff since 1983. "We never have problems. However, we will have opportunities." That is the case once again with our QU. There are a few large challenges that we are about to be faced with. Could we possibly overcome them? We might be able to, but it would require money that we do not have and it would be a huge distraction from our basic purpose - Quail & Youth. I'm left to reflect on how best to accomplish those goals in light of QU's end, which leads me to recommend Quail Forever as the future of quail conservation in America.

I am reminded of a statement that my uncle shared with me many years ago. His statement was, "Your pride can sometimes get you into trouble, and your ego could keep you there." We share in an obligation to our mission of supporting quail and youth. It is time for us to assure ourselves that we stay focused on our mission. It is my firm belief, at this time, that our beloved quail need us to unite our efforts. In the near future you will receive a letter from Quail Forever explaining exciting news and opportunities. We hope you will support them in these efforts. We all know that we are stronger when we work together for a common goal. Our quail and our youth will benefit from your membership in Quail Forever. QF supports its members & chapters in a way that we will all be proud of.