Quail hunt brings big bucks

Photo Credit: Melanie Kendall

The Quail Unlimited Celebrity Conservation Hunt is back in Albany and for the first time in history it can say it is finally at home in the Quail Hunting Capitol of the world.

But it wasn't just celebs the weekend brought to the area; dollar signs came too.

From Thursday to Saturday, Quail Unlimited is hosting events throughout the area showing off the quail hunting capital of the world.

"This is a special place and it gives us an opportunity to showcase Albany and Southwest Georgia in a great way," said Bill Bowles, Quail Unlimited President.

Celebs grabbed their guns and took to the fields. While they're taking the quail when they go, they're leaving money here in town. The weekend's events are expected to boost the economy by one million dollars.

But it's not just the hunting that draws celebs back year after year.

"I've made a lot of friends here and it's always good to come into a place and see the people you haven't seen in a year and they're just so happy your there. It's like a little family down here," said songwriter Bobby Pinson.

"So far up to this point I have experience just the most hospitable, sweet, generous people," said Scott Reeves, an actor on General Hospital.

Quail Unlimited has been hunting in Southwest Georgia for the last 25 years, but since moving their national headquarters here in July, they can finally say they are hunting in their own backyard.

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