Putting diplomas and jobs in Southwest Georgia hands

Members of the Dougherty County Board of Education discuss several different agenda items Monday night. / Matt Prichard

The Dougherty County Board of Education met tonight discussing two major items. The process of hiring a permanent superintendent, and also a new program that could put more diplomas in Southwest Georgian hands.

The board started the meeting by voting to use an online company to blast out their superintendent job posting, with the possibility of also listing a salary number.

On that agenda item, board members took the less expensive offer, and moved onto a new program that partners with the technical college system to get kids graduating and on the road to higher education.

"Instead of electives, students will have the opportunity to take career-based courses that have college credit at a technical college. And these can lead to a technical certificate, to a technical college diploma, and ultimately a job," said Dougherty County School System spokesman, R.D. Harter.

The board seemed encouraged by the new program and are excited to implement it, in hopes of bringing higher graduation rates to Dougherty County and a better workforce to Southwest Georgia.